Thursday, October 27, 2011

Winners of the movie tickets

Mocho Loco is supporting independent South African movie Skeem which is coming to the big screen this weekend…
Therefore we decided to give away 2 movie tickets to 3 of our followers!!!
Sherilee Cook, Karin Hoge and Claire Conroy are the lucky winners! 
If you don't have your ticket yet, what are you waiting for? Skeem coming to the cinemas tomorrow, Friday 28th October!
To read more about the movie  click here 

Che and Andrew Wedding Stationary

Che and Andrew got married last weekend ♥ They had a beautiful ceremony and amazing reception for 170 friends at Molenvliet Wine Estate in Stellenbosch.
Mocho loco designed for them the whole Wedding Stationary range, which included:
. Hanging seating plan
. Table numbers
. Menus
. Name tags with sparkler holder
. Newlywed sign for the golf cart where bride and groom departed
. “Plus 40 Club” sign for a reserved area for the elderly
. Wish cards and directions signs
. Sweet bags for candy/sweet
. Photo Booth accessories
. Photo album book
Their theme was elegant chic and their colour palette included white and silver. Bird details were used in most of the wedding items to align with the formal invitation. And for the after party they changed the styling to a morocan feeling and look with tints of red and purple.
I hope you also like! Soon you will be able to see some photos of the wedding itself 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photo Booth Props

We are finishing October and the wedding season is starting… 
Venue booked, invites are out, brides trying on dresses,  and time to start planning the partyitself. Besides a good DJ, delicious food and plenty of drinks, we shouldn’t forget about entertainment. And at the moment the photo booth is the favorite of many couples. It’s a simple concept and works like a charm… everyone loves the photo booth. The newlyweds can fill their photo album with goodie ones and the guests take some pics as souvenirs home. 
But the pics are not only about the funny faces, but also funky backgrounds and very important: the accessories (hats, masks, wigs, etc)… Here are some props I made for a wedding coming on Saturday…. Different shaped mustaches and stylish glasses… I hope you also like ! 
Special thanks Mr. Panda for modeling the different designs :) 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shop Mocho Loco

I'm very happy to announce that now you can shop online for Mocho Loco goodies at!!! 
There you will be able to find a wide selection of jewellery items including earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets, cards and sets of little notebooks.

How does it work? It's very simple: just go to the website here, look in the jewellery and stationary section, select the item or items you would like to buy, enter your card details and that's it. You also have a choice of payment method EFT/Bank Deposit which makes it even better. And after only 5 working days, your Mocho goodies will be delivered straight to your door.

At you will not only find Mocho Loco designs but also gorgeous leather bags and accessories. 
Please note that the shop is only active for South Africa so if you live in another country, unfortunately doesn't deliver there yet.
These are some of the Mocho Loco items you can find at 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Spring Panda Party

It's Friday, yeayyy!!! It was a long week but the weekend is finally here...
Here are some pics from the Spring Panda Party we had last Sunday. With Amanda, my housemate, we invited some Panda friends over for an afternoon of pampering and self-indulgency. Basically a girly get together were we drank some tea and wine, ate delicious home-made cupcakes and pizzas and received a foot treatment. :) Mocho Loco had a little stand were I  exhibited some of the Jewellery and Stationary I like making. To see the complete photo album of the Spring Panda Party check it out on our Facebook Page Mocho Loco. I hope you like!

Have a lovely weekend 

Skeem: the Movie

Yesterday I went to the Avant Premiere of Skeem, a South African Independent comedy movie directed by Tim Greene.

Halfway home from a drug-sale in Jo'burg, two wannabe gangsters run into trouble when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Forced to spend the night at a creepy old holiday resort, their problems escalate when, unpacking the car, their box of cash splits open, spilling a million bucks in eye-catching bundles all over the driveway. They scoop it up, head inside and slam the door, but the damage is done. Greedy eyes have spotted the cash, and in five neighboring chalets, people begin to skeem.

The movie is 100% comedy and really fun. It's awesome because it doesn't try to be anything else but just an entertaining showcase of real local South African people. The characters are hilarious and you find every little stereotype of the bokkie society. Besides the story line is really catchy and it flows and develops  throughout the movie smoothly and gracefully to be a great experience.
I strongly recommend you to watch it.

It will be out on cinemas on the weekend of 
28 and 29 Octoberso don't miss it out!!!

And don't forget to stay till the end of the titles: you'll see my name part of the compositing and VXF team :) 
Well, I didn't do big thing but at least you can see my work. -At the beginning of the movie when they introduce the characters: I basically did the animation of the image where the background flies back in an angle and the characters zoom-in as if they were 3D, and of course the titling animation. hehehe, really fun to have my name in a movie ;) 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Michelle and Michael's Story Invite

Michelle and Michael are getting married in January next year. They are planning a very romantic celebration in the Wine Valley outside Cape Town with more than 200 guests. They wanted their wedding invitation to be the story of their lives…  Therefore, Mocho Loco designed a little book of 7 pages that combines Michelle and Michael's story together with the formal wedding invitation.
The cover page was printed on a clear see-through textured paper and included the couple's name, the date of the wedding and a little quote "memories are stitched  in love" which linked perfectly with the stitched book binding. Other pages included a life tree with their families names, the story of how they met and grew into their relationship and finally the formal invite, details, venue map and directions.
Every page of the book  was printed on a different textured and toned paper following the theme colours of white, light-blue and silver. The design was  finished with die cuts and a handmade stitched envelope.
I must confess that putting together the 130 invitations and packing them up ready to send out, took me a whole weekend but it was completely worth it as the final invites look stunning and Michelle and Michael are really happy with them :)
I hope you also like them 

Wishing you a happy and fun weekend... 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kerri and Cheyne's Rustic Natural Invites

Kerri and Cheyne are a young couple passionate for nature: they love surfing and bird watching together...

They got engaged secretly and started planning their wedding which is taking place in a month time without telling anybody except Mocho who designed the invites for them. So when their guests receive the wedding invitation, I'm sure they will be surprised and enormously excited for the bride and groom to be.

For their wedding invite they wanted to reflect what the wedding is all going to be about: a beach ceremony and party with a natural and rustic theme. They brought  a little drawing they made of themselves, (very cute by the way) which I tried not to modified much, just refine the lines and give some colour details.

Kerri and Cheyne's invitations were fully printed on craft liner and reviva natural 100% recycled paper. The colours I used were dark brown and pastel soft green with details of light-blue and red for the map. Finally the envelope was sealed with a sticker with the guests details. 

I hope you like...