Friday, February 22, 2013

Kelly and Younes

Kelly and Younes are a very interesting couple... She is from South Africa and he is from Morocco. They both work for Emirates and have being travelling around the world for a few years now...
They got married last year in his country but they decided to do a small ceremony in Cape Town to celebrate with Kelly's family and closest friends.

They asked me to design their wedding invitations and requested for an illustration and a romantic and corky style invite in pink colors. This is their wedding invite: I hope you like it.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Isabella's Bat Mitzvah

I'm so happy to show you today the beautiful images from Isabella's Bat Mitzvah.

For those that are not very familiar with the Jewish traditions, a Bat Mitzvah occurs when a girl become 12, and it means the same as it does for boys- a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood when they are considered old enough to begin to understand the Torah (bible) and thus for boys and girls alike to be treated more like adults.

Isabella had her ceremony in the morning followed by a Brocha (small celebration and lunch) at the shul (temple). Later in the evening she had a big party with all her family and friends to carry on celebrating...

Besides the save the date and formal invitation, I also designed all the stationery and lots of decorations (all in purple -Isabella's favourite color) for her party.. and what a party!!!
Enjoy these beautiful images that Dewald from chicken took of the day.

If you are wondering who made the delicious cakes and sweets, it was Wade from Cakes by Wade. And of course Karla from Absolute Collection was behind all the the planning and coordination of this beautiful celebration.

Mocho Loco created and designed for Isabella's Bat Mitzvah:
Decorations for the Brocha after the ceremony, including buntings, pompons, pinwheels, ribbons and balloons | Parking and entrance signage | Badges for the hostesses and waiters | Tags for welcome drinks and cocktails | Signage for the different food stations and dessert table | Dance floor vynil decoration | Banner for photoboot and cofee bar | Restroom signage | Noodle boxes, stripped straw and goodie bags | Hard cover photo album | Stamp for entrance | Thank you cards and a few other things...