Monday, May 30, 2011

Shooting Stop F-R-A-M-E

One of the things I like doing besides designing in my computer, is shooting stuff... specially stop frame. Sometimes can take quite a long time, but I like it very much.... and sometimes I even get paid to do it :) heheh
Last week we worked with Inka from IIIEIIIE motion on a project for Pam Golding, one of the biggest property and Real Estate company in South Africa. Our job was to make a business presentation (which normally can be quite boring showing lots of numbers and statistics) look FUN!!! How did we do it? Simple: by using lots of stop frame and giving it a more tactile and friendly look, instead of something cold and very corporate.
Here're a few pics of one of the scenes we shot. Basically it represents a community and how it grows. We got some paper laser-cut and constructed a little town. I think that it looks awesome specially the shadows of the people and houses reflected on other objects. Once we finish editing the footage, will show you the final work.
Have a happy day!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

I made them!!!

Yes: here is my first set of cushions 100% handmade with love...
I used different  recycled fabrics, most of them with african patters and nice stitched details. I also hand-screen-printed story on the back. I definitely learned a lot because even though it doesn't seem that difficult, giving the cushions a perfect finish takes some time.
I really enjoyed this project and I'm already thinking on doing some more, specially because all my friends that have seen them, love them and have asked me to make more for them: perfect birthday present! I hope you like them too!!!

Our puppy, Cody,
couldn't wait for me
to finish taking photos
of them, for jumping
and feeling how soft
and puffy the cushions are!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Screen-printing the world!

I've been wanting to do some screen printing for a long time. I made a course a bit more than a year ago at the Ruth Prowse School of Art, were I got to learn the basics about this technique, but never really got the time to get my kit and start printing. But now that I have my own studio-taller and some nice space to do creative stuff, I thought why not give it a try?
I bought a 90T screen (500 x 600mm), which is perfect for printing on fabrics, a nice squeegee and a set of white and transparent fabric paint and pigments (yellow, red, blue and black). In total I spent a bit more than R1300 (about U$190) which is not that much if I think how much fun I'll have doing some printing projects.
I decided not to buy a machine yet because they are quite pricey starting at R2500 aprox. and at the moment I don't need such technical equipment. As you guys know, I like playing the handyman once in a while so decided to make my own 1 colour screen printing press. Bought some clamps and used some wood I had at home for the base and with some crews and wood glue: Voila, I'm all set to start printing!!!!
As I mention in a previous post, I started doing some cushions for our new place, so I thought that it would be nice to give them a nice touch: screen printed story on the back. So yeah, here's my first hand screen-printed run!!!!
Of course after printing on fabric, I tried paper, wood, plastics... anything with a flat surface I can print on... I really have become this screen-printing maniac... It's so much fun....

Monday, May 23, 2011


For those girls in Buenos Aires-Argentina interested in cute stuff, Love Market is happening 03 and 04 of June. Querete Accesorios and some other cool new brands will be showing their amazing work! Unfortunately Mocho Loco won't have a stand this time as we are currently working in Cape Town-South Africa.
If you are around please don't miss it out!!! It really gonna be fantastic....
Mocho Loco helped by designing this little flyer and of course, named the market "LOVE MARKET". At the end of the day: which girl doesn't love all the cute stuff in the market??

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beautiful Wedding ♥

Justine and Caleb, for whom I designed all their wedding stationary, got married ♥ ♥ ♥ 
They had a weekend away wedding in Knysna, six hours away from Cape Town. The venue they chose is called Emily Moon and it has lots of character and amazing sceneries for great photos. I would like to share with you some of the pictures the newlyweds sent me from their special day.... 
I hope you like... 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cody, our new family member!!!

This is Cody, the puppy... He has just joined us in the Camps Bay house... He is only 7 weeks old and the cutest little thing... Can't wait to take him to the beach and for some morning runs... Welcome Cody!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cushions, cushions, lots of cushions!!!

The new house is in need of some cushions...  Funny enough, I’ve been wanting to do cushions for soooo long and the 5kg gigantic bag has been sitting in my cupboard for about 2 years waiting for me to finally sit down and start sowing some cool cushions.
It seems like everything is set for me to finally make them. On one hand, my friend Amanda, with whom I just moved in, has a rad sowing machine and overlocker that she said I can borrow any time. Then, my friend Keegan, who just left on an awesome trip to Asia to help the orangutans and hope is having an awesome time, gave me some rad African pattern fabrics which I think would look amazing as cushions. Too many signals to skip the message!
So inspired by my friends from Mingo Lamberti and Pearly Yon whom just launched their Tea Cup Collection cushion range (really lovely designs that you must check out), here I am working on my 100% hand-made cushion project, hehe.
Hope they look nice once finished… Will show you very soon!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My new home and studio

So it was time to move from the old house. We stayed there for more than a year and I had the best time ever. It was the first time I ever stayed in a house, with garden, swimming pool and great open space. But moving is not a bad thing: we found another house and it’s also beautiful! This one is like a little cottage in the forest, with awesome views of the mountains and the sea in the horizon. We are sharing this spot with our friends Amanda and Darren who got married a few weeks ago.
I love the house: it has so much character… It’s rustic, with lots of wood, green plants crawling everywhere and a cozy living room where I’m sure we’ll share lots of great time. Here are some pictures…

    My most favorite part is where I have set my studio and workshop. Yes, I have my own room to do lots of fun stuff.
    • Arri, my patient boyfriend, helped me building some nice cube shelves for my books. We used shuttle-board wood that not only is super cheap (about R280 for a big plank) but also looks amazing and gives the room a nice and fresh look.
    • Using a door from the old house and some drizzles donated from my friends Matt and Claire, I set my desk.
    • I also put up a little cork-board to pin pics, cards and cute stuff and set a “washing line style” photo holder.

    So yes, I’m all set up… Now it’s time to get hands on and start some cool projects!!!