Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sol and Luis Wedding


So as promised: here are some pictures from Sol and Luis's wedding in Punta del Este, Uruguay!

This must have been one of the coolest weddings ever: love and joy was all around! A real Argentinean wedding where formalities were left aside and it was all about sharing and having fun.

The wedding started at 5pm, and even though the ceremony that was prepared for the beach, had to be moved inside due to the rain and wind, I really could not have imagined it any better. Vale and Ezequiel, best friends of the groom and bride, married the couple. They had prepared everything very neatly and put so much effort into every detail. I've never before witnesses such a deep, emotional and rich ceremony, where tears and laughs were all shared.

The reception was held at La Huella, the couple's favorite beach restaurant and I must say, I understand why: the food was just amazing, crab and prawns would melt in your mouth like butter, risotto, like home made by a real Italian granny, pacific salmon and lamb as mains. And not to forget about the decadent chocolate wedding cake...mmmmmm

The party was the highlight of the evening, the pictures can tell. We partied and partied until 5h30am; bride and groom into the air; "rey momo" foam and the typical argentinean "carnaval carioca" couldn't not be there. I hope you enjoy the pics...

Sending all my love to Sol and Luis! Thank you guys for having us and wishing you the best in your new life together as Mr and Mrs Esrubilsky…

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Take me to the Seaside Event

Yesterday I posted the invitations I did for (Media24). Here are some pictures of the decor for the event!!!

This was the first time I was given the opportunity to be not only in charge of designing the stationery for an event, but of doing the wholesome decor and styling of it. I must admit it was a great project and I enjoyed it so much that I'm looking forward to doing more of them. 

Flowers, jars, lanterns and even the hand-made napkins and table runners where all supplied by Mocho Loco...  
Of course, the drink and food menus together with the flop tags and all the signs were designed by Mocho Loco. 
But anyway, will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Wishing you a happy day!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Take me to the Seaside Invitations (Media 24) recently had their staff meeting. As last year they went through many changes, they decided to have their annual staff get-together only at the beginning of this year. They called me
to design their invitations and I couldn't say no to such a fun project. They not only asked me to do their invitations but to also work on the styling and decor of the whole event :)

The theme of the party was "Take me to the Seaside" as they booked lunch at The Grand, a beach restaurant in Granger Bay, a few steps from the Waterfront in Cape Town. 

These are the invitations I designed for the event. I hope you like them...
In the next few days will show you more details and pictures of the event itself

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mark and Jes Clean and Creative Invites

Mark and Jes dated for about 8 year before taking the next step. They are a great couple and they are definitely  meant to be together. He is an architect and she is an accountant. You can tell they like structure and order but at the same time they are really creative people. 

They got married mids of January in a little town in Western Cape called Arniston. Jes has been going there with her family on holidays since she was a little girl so this place has a real special meaning for her.

They asked me to make their invitations; they were looking for something clean, simple but edgy at the same time. I think this is spot on!

The color palette they used for the wedding was mainly green and white; for the invites, I decided to also include a little bit of grey. To play with design, we all worked together to decide on the final shape of the invitation. After many tests we decided to make invite and envelope all in one. Basically the envelope which is sealed with a sticker with the couple's monogram, opens to be the invitation itself. A die cut of the couple silhouette pops up on the top of the card and the information and details are distributed through-out the inside of the envelope.

To finish this design and make the invite a bit more interactive, a little note with a magnet was included. Guests were encourage to stick the magnet on any part of the invitation and transform it into a fridge magnet. Cool, don't you think?

If you like this invite, wait until you see their stationery... Stay tuned for pictures of their wedding coming soon. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sol and Luis Illustrated Invites

First of all I would like to apologize for not writing in almost a month :(  
It's not that I've been on holiday for this long, hehe... Yes, I did go to Argentina, visited my family and friends and had a great time.. plus I got engaged!!!! yeayyyy (Sorry: will leave that for another post)...  
But anyway, since I returned back to Cape Town, I've been super-super-busy on some great and amazing projects (can't wait to tell you more about them)... But this afternoon took a little break to post this beautiful invitation I designed for one of my best's friends: Sol. 
Last year December she married Luis in Uruguay.By the way, we all love Luis, he is the coolest dude and couldn't be more suitable for Sol than him! They really had one of the most amazing weddings! Soon I’ll show you some pictures of their special day but in the meantime…
These are the invites I designed for them.
Their wedding took place on the beach, therefore they wanted their invites to look rustic, informal and playful.  They also asked if I could include some illustrations… I couldn't say no.
The suit included customized envelopes, formal invites, map and directions for venue and a little card with details.
Thanks Vale (from Printing Co) for printing the invites in Argentina: that was great team work!
I hope you like…