Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mocho Loco getting ready for the Bridal Fair

It's been a bit more than a year since I started designing wedding stationery (one of my favorite things to do). It all happened without really planning it, when my good friends Amanda and Darren asked me to make an illustration of them for their wedding invititation. Once I finished the illustration I asked them who was designing the invitations but they haven't thought so far. So I designed my first wedding invite for my friends as a wedding gift.

After that, because of the power of word of mouth I continued designing and hand-crafting beautiful invitations for lovely couples, each of them unique and special.
But in the last few months I decided to take the next step and start doing some marketing initiatives. The first one is participating at one of the most important Bridal Shows in Cape Town: Tygervalley Bridal Expo which is starting tomorrow! Yes: I'm super excited and nervous. It's the very first time I'll have a stand, well, actually the first time I'll have designed a stand too. So really looking forward to it. I've been working long hours getting ready to showcase my work. Thank you to my patient fiance that has helped with the sanding, cutting, drilling, etc, etc... couldn't have made it without him.

Here are some sneak peak pictures of the process-making of Mocho Loco's stand... Really looking forward to meeting many brides that are dreaming on their perfect wedding day same as me...

If you are getting married soon and want to check out the expo or just stop by to say "hi", the Expo is taking place from Thursday 30 August to Sunday 2 September from 9am to 7pm at Tygervalley shopping centre (free entrance).
See you there!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Isabella's Save the Dates

Isabella is having her long-time-waited Batmitzvah at the end of the year so she asked me to design the save the dates for her...

I've know Isabella since she was a little girl as I used to worked with her mom. She would always come to visit at the office and with her younger sister Milla, would hang out around my desk.. as they called it: "the cool desk"... where toys were aloud and of course a drawer full of colorful markets and clay was always available for them :)

I remember when about 3 or 4 year ago the parcel with the poster ordered from UK arrived for Isabella's mom with what would become one of our favorite phrases: " keep calm and carry on". I think that must have made a big impact in Isabella because she learnt the importance of it... and as young as she might seem, she always know when to remind us to "keep calm and carry on"...

So I wasn't surprise when she told me she wanted for her save the dates "keep calm and save the date"... and the color? I didn't need to ask as we both share our love for purple!

I made a digital version to send to her family overseas and a printed one for her school friends and family in Cape Town. A double sided printed card on curious metal paper packed in a hand-made envelope and label with the guests details. I hope you like them

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Paper Garlands yeayyy...

You should see the amounts of paper I've been collecting from all the offcuts of all the invites I've been making for all the beautiful couples over the last year....

I'm quite precious about paper and recycling... so every little piece, no matter how tiny it is, I keep... .. I've been using it to make notes, cards, sketches, you name it... but there's still sooo much paper... It has now become boxes and boxes, hehe... So, being looking for ideas on how to reuse this not so-scrap-looking-paper, and this is one of the first things I made: Paper Garlands!!!!

Handmade with love and offcuts of beautiful wedding invitations, they are great to decorate your studio or home... If you like them as much as I do (my house is full of paper garlands now), you can buy them online on Hello Pretty.

Happy Wednesday for everyone... I hope those that are in South Africa enjoy the public holiday/long weekend coming...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Suede and Rose Gold Bracelets

How many people wore jewellery in gold 2 year ago? For some reason we were all into silver and gold seemed to have taken a step back (maybe because of price) but thanksfully gold is back into fashion! I love gold, specially rose gold (like the beautiful engagement ring my fiance got for me a few months ago) and I'm glad people are now starting to appreciate this color a lot more...

So now that I'm all about gold colors, I wanted to work on some jewellery pieces... these bracelets are the first collection I've specially made for this coming colorful summer.... I hope you like them! 

The suede and plated rose gold details bracelets have been lovingly handmade by Mocho Loco and they come in many colors. I'm selling them in packs of 3 at R120. So if you like them and would like to order some or inquire more, you can email me to 

Wishing you a happy and colorful day!!!!