Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires First Impressions

So, it’s already been 2 weeks since I got to Buenos Aires… and as the saying goes: “time flies when you are having fun…”

I’m very happy to be back in my home-city: seeing my family and hanging out with my old friends is awesome. Also being able to eat all the delicatessens and sweets that I miss so much in Cape Town, makes me smile…   

So combining a gourmet tour through alfajores de dulce de leche (a kind of cookie filled with amazing caramel dipped in dark chocolate) and milanesas y empanadas (meat shnitzel and local savoury meat pies) along with girl-chats, a little shopping and the celebration of my friend’s recent engagement, this trip is amazing so far…

Here’re the firsts snaps I’ve taken… Hope you like…

Bianca and Stuart’s Vintage Handkerchief Wedding Invitations

I must say that at the moment this is one of my favourite invitation designs. I like it so much that if I was getting married any time soon, I would love to use this design for mine too.
Bianca wanted her invitations to be very romantic and vintage looking. She loves lace, the colour pink and delicate details. So continuing with the Digital Save the Date design style which we completed a few months ago, this is where we ended up with the finished invites.
The suit includes a 3 layer invitation  printed on different special-shine papers with die cut details and vintage pink lace, which is wrapped in a beautiful hand-made handkerchief with the name of the bride and groom stamped, same as  the envelope.
Gorgeous, don’t you think?