Friday, July 8, 2011

Inspiring thoughts for the weekend...

Hi there!
Normally when I take a break from work and have some tea, I like surfing the web looking for interesting stuff. I love reading others people's blogs and columns and checking out what else is out there and what creative and awesome stuff other people are doing...
I wanted to share with you this article by Austin Kleon (if you haven't read it before). This guy is a writer and artist and here he writes about how to "become an artist" and about following your gut and getting to know yourself.
"Don't worry about what the rest of the people will say. Just focus on your task, enjoy the process and make it the best you can do."
But I'm not gonna tell you more than that... If you have 5 extra minutes you can read the complete article here and get inspired... Then, if you want more, you can also buy his book "Newspaper Blackout" as I did, hehe...
Have a happy weekend! 

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