Thursday, June 7, 2012

Seem and B-rad's magical day

I woke up this morning and realized: "oh no... winter is here".... All of a sudden it's seriously cold, dark and rainy in Cape Town. Yes: great for hot chocolate and lots of dvd nights but already missing the beautiful sunny days...

So to brighten up the day I would like to share a few pictures of one of my best friend's wedding! Simone married Brad, the love of her life, in a stunning garden themed wedding in the quaint town of Montagu on 17 March this year. We travelled there on Friday afternoon and made a weekend out of it: it was so much fun!!!

I had the honor of being my friend's bridesmaid and was able to share with her every little moment of the most important day in her life... happy tears come to my eyes thinking on all the beautiful memories I have... thank you Sim once again for letting me share such special moments with you: love you so much my friend...

And for all of you that haven't seen them yet, here are some stunning pictures, mainly couple portraits, that the talented Renne Frows from The Famous Frouws took on the day. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh... what a gorgeous couple! She looks stunning!!! Love the dress!