Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I am monster

Iam monster from Mocho Loco on Vimeo.

A few months ago I received an invitation to join a group of Creative Girls in Cape Town: Sweet and Soutie.
My friend Tanielle from ForgetMeKnot gave the organizers (teachers at AAA school of advertising) my details and they wrote me to invite me to a lunch.

I went without knowing what was all about.... and I must say: I loved it!!! After a delicious lunch at Woodlands Eatery, I left to go back home to work with a big smile and so happy to have met such amazing girls  with whom I got to share great tips and experiences... It was so nice to find out that there are other people working in the same field that struggle with the same things as me, like for instance setting prices: it's sooo difficult to set a price for something that I love doing, heheh... I'm sure my friend Leila from Bow Peep is laughing while reading this... "we love what we do but we also must make a living out of it"... Good lesson...

Anyway, you must check out Sweet and Soutie blog and read about what all these girls do... I'm very impressed...

And meeting for lunch and chatting is not all Sweet and Soutie is about... They have many projects like for instance the "Laundry Monsters - Exquisite Creature Corpse"  initiative in partnership with ilovemylaundry. The idea is to use that lonely sock that has lost her partner, those little ziplock baggies of buttons that you get with a new jacket, the once white dress that is now streaked in pink thanks to housemate sport t-shirt that "somehow" got mixed with your delicates... Then add a little sewing, knitting , crocheting, and "hey, you have a creaaature!!!" Ilovemylaundry will host an auction where all the monsters will be sold and the proceeds will go to a charity that supports babies and kiddies...

I took home this nameless creature that I completely fell in love with.. I actually wanted to keep him and not give it back, heheh... I just added eyes and a little pink spot on his tummy... I like to call him "I am monster" because I think he is so cute that no-one thinks he is a monster so needs to go in life telling people: "I am monster... I am monster"... hehe

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