Wednesday, April 3, 2013

From Miss to Mrs: this is my story

For those of you that follow my blog regularly you must be wondering why I haven’t  been writing in so long… Did Mocho take a long holiday? Has she gone on a sabbatical? Did Vicky quit Mocho Loco and is doing something else without letting us know? Well, none of them… I actually have being busy getting married to the love of my life so please do know apologize if I’ve been a bit absent lately… I just couldn’t miss the most important day of my life…

As a little girl, like many others, I would dream with meeting my prince charming… I don’t know how many days, weeks, years I’ve spent thinking and wondering how my happy ever after story would be…

I went through many stages, from thinking that I would marry Prince William, Mc Caulay Culkin or any male walking on Earth to totally hate men and think that I would never meet the right one so I should just become a nun… Thankfully none of this things happened at the end.

After meeting many boys and having a few dates/relationships, some better than others, in the summer 2006-2007 with 23 years old, I decided to do a Ski Season on my college holidays in Aspen. It was a time of search for new adventures, for new friends, new ideas and experiences... But never thought I would find my future, current husband there…

I have always been more a fan of summer and beach, so going on a 4 months holiday/work trip to a ski resort, was a big shot for this big city Argentinean girl. To my surprise I did have the best time ever: I made new friends, I made good money, I lived the American dream and funny enough, I went back home with a South African boyfriend… I met Arri in the firsts few weeks of my trip, he was working as a cashier in the restaurant next to the fancy one where I was waitressing, but it was not until the last 3 weeks before heading back home that we started dating…

I remember at the airport saying to him “thank you so much for everything… please, if you ever come to Buenos Aires, don’t forget to let me know so we can meet up”. A week later, and I will always remember this day, he phoned saying he was coming to visit: I knew that my life story was about to change…

Arri came to visit me for 3 weeks, I came to visit him for another 3 weeks and on December 2007, after I gave my last exam at University, I moved to South Africa…. Of course at the beginning I thought I was coming for a summer, that then turned into a few months, a few years, actually 5 years now!
It’s impossible not to like this place: there’s something magical about Cape Town that makes me feel like at home: it has the perfect combination of small town vibe with city life living surrounded by the most incredible nature... And with such a nice boy by my side, I didn’t have other option, heheh…
Last time we went to visit my family and friends in Buenos Aires, just over a year ago, Arri asked my dad for my hand and the next day he proposed me with a beautiful rose gold and diamonds ring…

Since then, we’ve been planning our wedding…. It was about a year of preparations and I must say: I enjoyed every second of it. From the weekend drive we did in search of our perfect wedding venue, to all the nights sewing flags and making paper pompoms to the 2 days set up prior the wedding with a fabulous team of friends: it really was a fantastic journey that we enjoyed together with our closest mates and beloved families…

And the day of the wedding? Oh my gosh: it really was the best day of my life!!!

So here are a few pictures that Maree from Natural Light Photography and some friends took of the day but I promise I’ll put a lot more up soon and share more of my wedding stories with you… But right now I must go to share a lovely afternoon and sunset with my husband…


  1. Sos toda linda Mocho Loco!!!! Cuando estes por Baires te quiero ver y que nos cuentes en persona!! Te quiero bride!!!!



    1. Gracias Maga! Si, cuando vaya para Baires nos juntamos y les cuento con todo detalle! ;)

  2. Vicky me hubiera gustado estar con ustedes y compartir ese gran momento. Los quiero mucho y sé que estuvo genial. Besossss

    1. Muchisimas gracias! Pronto pondre mas fotos asi ven!!!!

  3. So happy you and Arri found each other. You guys are great together xxx