Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Little Pink Book Workshop

I know it's been a while since I last wrote so here I am trying to catch up...  the bridal expo was a success... it was 4 long hard-working days but it was great to meet many beautiful brides to be and some new friends!  I'll put some pictures ip and a little video of the event very soon.

But today I want to share with you some images of the Little Pink Book Workshop where I participated as one of the wedding suppliers last Friday. The time was really tight as we only had 2 weeks to prepare. But with Jade (JC events) and Tanya (Studio Bloem) we were able to make it happen!

I designed all the stationery for the day: from the e-vite, that was sent out to all the guests, to the boutonnieres with everyone's names, and signs for the yummy dessert table that the guys from Cakes by Wade prepared. By the way, it was such a pleasure meeting Wade. I've been seeing his stunning work in so many wedding blogs, so I was expecting to meet this super-ego chef-de-patisserie, but to my surprise he is such a nice down to earth and friendly man that puts a lot of love into each of his masterpieces even though he has lots of weddings (If I'm not wrong, he has to deliver 9 cakes for next weekend... wow)...

Here are some pictures showcasing mainly my work of the stationery on the tables and my little stand display. The theme for the evening was french inspired so basically I had to design menus and cards for 6 different styled tables all with the french flair. I'm sure the pictures that Natelee (Glee) and Stefan (ZaraZoo) took are going to be much better but this is just a little preview from my side.

I think the event was great fun.... not only for the brides but for all the people that worked on it as well. I got to meet so many nice people, especially the girls from Bella Chiara. If you haven't seen Claire's work, you must visit her site; she does the most amazing handmade head pieces, veils and garters. She only started her business 6 months ago and I'm sure she'll do amazingly well. I wish she was around when I needed the garters for my friends weddings. I had to make them myself and at the time was very proud of them, but now that I've seen Bella Chiara's designs, I'm not too sure about them, hehe.

Uhh, the worst part of the night was when I had to talk. I'm really, really bad at public speaking, especially in English and with a microphone... so yes, I hope everyone erases that part of the night from their memory...hehe... 

As suppliers we were allowed to invite one guest or bride to be.  I invited Celeste, another Argentinean girl living in Cape Town, that just got engaged to a South African... I'm sure the LPB Workshop was of great help to her... she asked many questions and at one stage I was almost hiding under the table with embarrassment when she asked if it was normal to have cash bar in weddings and all the rest of the brides look at her saying "eehhh?". I know in South Africa it's a really common thing to have cash bars. If the bride and groom had to pay for all the alcohol, by the end of the party, they would be totally bankrupt (even more than usual). In Argentina, on the other hand, maybe because we don't drink as much, the bar tab is always covered by the bridal couple. 

We finished the event only at 11pm but that wasn't the end of the night... Cele was really nice in staying and helping me packing all my stuff. We drove back in convoy, thankfully, because her phone was out of airtime, so when she got a puncture in the middle of the dark, dirt road, I'm not sure what she would have done... We were literally in the middle of nowhere in skirts and high heels trying to change the tire: I couldn't stop laughing... Then, as if they were angels sent from heaven, this 4x4 with bright headlights and 4 guys willing to help and get down to work, appeared from nowhere and changed the tire... As the girls from the Little Pink Book would say : "Only to argentineans"...

Here is a picture of Cele with her saviors... big smiles...
Happy day everyone!

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