Friday, May 3, 2013

Week #4: My Photography Project - The Real Pole Dancing

For this week entry, instead of shooting stills I decided to do something different: shoot video!
I looove visuals and as I want to improve my camera skills, why not practicing shooting video as well?
It is quite tricky but it's a lot easier and motivating when there's a special story you have to share...

My friend Simone and her dancing partner, Sherry, won the South African duets pole dancing competition 2013. They qualified to go to London and participate of the international one but they need funds to make it there.
My little contribution is based in shooting a short documentary video showing what the girls do and what Pole Dancing is all about (not the streep-club style one) hoping some cool sponsor see it and believe in the girls as much as I do!
The Real Pole Dancing: coming soon.

Just for now, some stills from the footage that we shot.

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