Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week #7: MPP - Lomography, Bicycles, Crazy Hair & Motion Blur

First of all I would like to apologize for not posting pictures in the last few weeks. Many reasons: too much work to catch up with, blogger not working properly and the fact that I've been waiting to develop some pics... develop?

In the last few months  I've been shooting with film with the lomo camera I got for my wedding (pretty cool gift, don't you think?). As film is not instant and as there were only 32 precious frames in my roll, I've been very careful with not wasting any of them, hehe. And in like the old days, I had to take my roll to develop without remembering what exactly was in there. But doesn't that make it a lot more interesting? Now I found out that just developing the pictures and scanning them into a disk, doesn't cost much at all... So I'm sure I'll be taking a lot more pictures with the film camera. If I wanted them printed, well, that's a different story. 

Shooting with roll is a lot of fun.. My hubby and I have a few platic-ky cool looking cameras that are easy to carry around. And even though you need great light to shoot and you don't really have a proper visor or the fact that you have to manually turn the roll, I really enjoy taking pics... it's all about the experience and playing the game -it reminds me of back in the day when I was a kid, and I love that feeling!

Here is a very small selection of the pics I've been taking... mix of fun bike riding with my husband, hair shots and some other random ones... I hope you like this weird but fun collection.

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