Friday, May 16, 2014

Jared's Barmitzvah - Day 01

Jared's mom and I worked together in one of my first jobs here in South Africa (she was my boss - one of the coolest ones) and we kept in touch since then. When she asked me to help her with the organization of her first born child's Bar-mitzvah, I couldn't say no; the ideas she had in mind for it, where the kind that I like... So I ended up helping designing invites, stationery, decor, photographing and booking all suppliers for this 2-day event.
On the first night, Jared had a dinner with all his family. We set up at his parent's house garden: the theme for the day was "feel like at home" and the colours we used where white, blue and yellow.
Here are some pics of the event!

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